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This 6-year-old is quite often running at the fence. Today I will adapt this exercise to keep teaching the horse to wait until the last stride. And then I’m going to work on the concentration with a skinny jump.

This is a very green 6-year old that has a difficult canter and therefore he can’t hold his own balance. So we are going to adapt a few jumping exercises to help him to find a good natural balance.

This seven-year-old gelding does not always land on the left rein because he is losing his left lateral balance most of the time.
So I’m going to explain to the horse with a few jumping exercises what I want to obtain from him in the most relaxed way and with some days in between for each jumping exercise.

This six-year-old gelding needs to get more flexible in his hind body. Progressively we are going to increase the flexion of his hind legs during its weight-bearing phase by lowering the hindquarters and raising the forehand.